CYCORE is formed with a mission to conquer the tech world and hence our squadron is elite and carefully chosen to deliver this unique mission. Universally, everyone has the right to benefit from technology; its vastness has to be accessed and harnessed by all. We plan our tasks to deliver beyond our clients’ expectations. We believe that information technology should not be limited with data processing and info display; instead it should also perform as "Idea Amplifier" in addition to creative process. This revelation steers our focus and helps in contributing robust and innovative business solutions.

With significant market presence since 2010, we have been consistently delivering value to businesses in the region for over a decade. As an early adopter of technology, Verbat aims to stand out exceptionally in the arena to deliver bespoke IT solutions. An ever growing clientele is what Verbat has achieved over its years of excellence and this comprises of public and private sector companies pioneers in the Hotel industry, Corporate Houses, Banks, Financial Institutions, Exchange Houses, Airline, Leisure and Tourism companies, Retail houses, Pharmaceuticals , large, mid and small sized businesses.




CYCORE Web Development Approach and Stages



Website development process begins once layout and graphics are finalized by the client. Final copy and imagery are gathered or developed and images and headings are prepared for all the web pages.


Back end coding is initiated after careful consideration of the hosting environment and other intended functionalities or deliverables of the website. During this development phase the functional and interactive part of the website becomes operable.